Why IT Companies Should Use Inbound Marketing for Growth

As a software company, you are always creating new products and services, and using them to solve your customers’ problems. You know that the world is now getting increasingly connected and collaborative. In this environment, as a business owner, you want customers to discover you, try your products/services, and finally become loyal customers and brand ambassadors of your company.

Inbound marketing is the answer to achieving all of the above. Research shows that a majority of B2B customers are about 2/3rds of the way into their buying journey before first contacting the seller.

For the past decade, inbound marketing has proved to be the most effective marketing method for businesses. It focuses on creating high-value content that pulls potential customers toward your company and product naturally. By lining up the content you put out with your customer’s requirements, you draw inbound traffic that you can then convert and close.

Here’s how inbound marketing can help you to:

  • Acquire customers: By studying buyer personas and the customer’s journey, inbound marketing can help you target messages tailor-made for your customer at every stage of his buyer’s journey. It can increase traffic to your website by creating and showcasing quality content that is relevant to the customer and solves problems facing him.
  • Retain customers: Once you acquire customers, you need to keep them engaged. Marketing automation tools are helpful to reduce sales cycles and improve conversion rates. Also, creation, distribution and monetization of high-quality and topical content establishes thought leadership and authority in the area.
  • Achieve brand reputation: Inbound marketing, via SEO and SEM, helps your company show up in high search rankings, increasing the chances for customers to find you ‘organically’ (on their own through searches). By posting topical content such as ‘tweets’, articles, blog posts and so on on social media sites, the company’s exclusive brand value is further emphasized.

An IT company, with its offering of niche services and products, needs to adapt to the latest modes and tools of marketing to derive maximum tangible benefits in terms of increased ROI, and sales figures.

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