Top Trends in Inbound Marketing in 2016

While marketing itself is a swiftly developing field, online marketing is changing at the speed of light…well, almost.
What we mean is that newer trends are available and lapped up by users quickly. To reach those users, marketing too has to evolve rapidly enough to maximize these new trends. Timeliness is everything; the sooner you adapt to new tech, the further ahead you are from your competitor. Obviously!

Let’s take a quick look at what experts say are the most happening trends in online marketing this year:

  1. Video is tops!

Latest reports continue to consolidate the idea that we have been aware of for the past few years:video content is grabbing eyeballs like nothing else. Did you know that one out of every two persons who are online visits YouTube? The video channel has been instrumental in changing the marketing scenario pretty much completely. Today, making a short video that talks about what you do and how you do it, is a much more effective method of publicizing your work and your company than anything else. No wonder explainer videos are so popular today.
And it is quick, and needs almost no specialized skills.

  1. Reuse, regenerate, and repurpose content!

When you have visitors to your website who leave without making a buy, you remarket to them. You tag such visitors and gather information about them, using it to strategically display content that is specifically relevant to their requirements, as they browse elsewhere. Remarketing campaigns are an efficient way to pull visitors back to your website and turn them into leads.

  1. The next phase of social media ads: Pay for Eyeballs

In the last few years, advertising on social media sites pretty much completely changed the way we see marketing. More changes are on the way this year, with organic reach of social media (shares by network/family/friends) not remaining as effective as they used to be. Now, to be seen by a large target audience, you have to pay extra – think Boosted and Promoted posts.

  1. More expensive online ads:

The law of economics states that higher demand of a product automatically results in higher pricing of it. It is no different for online marketing. Even though, in general, online marketing is relatively cheaper than traditional advertising, the increase in demand will push up the rates for advertising not just on Facebook (the stock price of which leapt from $20 per share to $80 in 3 years), but also Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

  1. Wearable tech:

Last year saw the launch of the wearable tech newbie, the Apple Watch, the ‘smart watch’. This year there will be many fresher, more capable additions to the wearable technology space, effectively making their users more productive and efficient, according to research. Smart watches and the like make features like the user’s health, recreation, travel etc. more easily customizable and intuitive, making them great tools for online marketers.

  1. Mobile is King:

We’ve saved the best (and the most important) for the last!

In 2015, for the first time in history, mobile traffic surpassed PC traffic in many countries, according to Google. Since then, the focus for most businesses has been to make their websites more mobile-friendly to attract and delight the ‘smart’ users of the smart phone. The fact that smart phones are ubiquitous and always connected to the Internet makes them a huge tool to exploit for online marketers. After all, research proves that 74% of people who use their mobile to search for something actually make the purchase, most often, the same day. They also rely on their smart phone for product reviews, store locations, directions, price comparisons, and more.
Hence, mobile marketing is going to be one of the biggest challenges (as well as the biggest result-getters) this year.

So, there you have it: the six most significant online marketing developments this year that promise to make it an exciting and enriching experience for the online marketer.

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