Infographic: Top Digital Marketing Statistics for Manufacturing Companies

Jan 24, 2017 12:37:15 PM

Manufacturing companies has traditionally believed in relationships based business development and it worked for them. The challenge with that building brand has always on the back burner and getting a long term value was not possible. However new digital technologies and marketing techniques are opening doors to the geographies that has been never explored.

We have asked different manufacturing companies sales teams to list their pain points and compiled the statistics in the below infographic for your review. Do share with us what is your challenge with marketing of your manufactured products. 


Contrary to common belief, customers of manufacturing and logistics businesses are also going online to find solutions to their problems. If you are part of this field of industry, it is imperative for your business to make the leap to digital marketing. 

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Gayathri Choda

Written by Gayathri Choda

Gayathri has more than a decade of experience in Digital marketing across industries. Her diverse and rich experience has spanned across contents and various segments of data analytics. She is an MBA graduate from Stuart Graduate School of Business, USA with an engineering degree from JNTU. She is a co-author for Curious Digital Marketer 2.0 and also a regular blogger in various industry publications.

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