See How Seven Kingdoms Are Using Social Media? #GameofThrones

So, “Shall we begin?”
The most awaited, viewed, pirated, praised, followed show on TV has begun its last run with a bang of 10.1 Million viewers watching the premier. There are lot of things that are about the show that kept us on our toes and made our knees week (pun intended), their marketing is in their top list. Want to know how the show makers have managed to build so much of buzz for the show? Without further ado, here is the list of our favorite campaigns.

#Game of Thrones Challenge:
Newsfeed SmartApps is one of the innovative ways that the franchise has used to reach the GoT fans. From personalizing the NIKEiD to pre-ordering the Titan JUXT smart watch, Newsfeed SmartApps creates an interactive post that works directly on Facebook.

This year, the GOT franchise has collaborated with Newsfeed SmartApps, and designed a game called the Game of Thrones Challenge. The game is designed to test the fans knowledge of different families in the show. With complex connections between all the characters in the show, the players had to finish the challenge as quickly as they could to win exclusive Game of Throne Merchandises.

#Night King:

While the Twitter emoji engine has created the new Night King emoji to reveal the season seven’s highly- anticipated character posters, Snapchat has created White Walker filter for the fans to become a White Walker themselves.

Want to know how you will look when you become a White Walker? Jump on to your Snapchat and unlock the Night Walker filter by clicking a snap.

Last year, Spotify has hosted the “With Whom Do You Listen?” campaign where the users were able to see which Game of Thrones character best reflected their personality based on their preference in music, this year they have released the Night Kings ‘Winter is Here’ Spotify playlist to celebrate season 7 premier.

Well, looking at the Night’s King’s Spotify list, it looks like the King of White Walkers is a hardcore Rock Band maniac.

#Meet Jon Soo:
After the GOT season 7 trailer, Reddit has given Jon Snow makeover to Snoo, the sites iconic mascot.

Further, Reddit has also hosted the first ever Game of Thrones branded gift exchange where the users can sign up, get matched with another user and swap the “Game of Thrones” themed gifts.

#Facebook Live Event:
Though the Facebook Live event has faced initial hiccups, where fans had to wait for an hour for the ice to melt and reveal the premiere date, the production house hasn’t left any part of Digital Media to salvage their campaign promotion for last season of the series. Best case scenario for a campaign gone wrong! Good comeback like Arya Stark.

Good work HBO! We like your show and we love your campaigns. Keep them coming. While we wait for the next episode, snuggling and having our hot beverage, watching reruns as finally winter is here.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss any? Feel free to add in comments.

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