Marketing Automation: Getting it right!

Oct 7, 2016 6:00:00 PM

Marketing automation is here to stay. Looking at the current growth, adoption rates and popularity of various marketing automation software, it is clear that marketers are finding it to be an effective and financially beneficial strategy to solve many marketing issues.

Solving issues with marketing automation is similar to implementing any other Martech solution. It is a straightforward rule consisting of process, people and technology, in that order of priority.

To make the best use of your marketing automation system, do strategize a friendlier process optimization approach and integration. Given below are a few suggestions for deriving the best value out of it:

  • Try it out: Before subscribing to any marketing automation tool, analyze your chosen platform. It will help you compare the characteristics and specifications of the application against your needs. The best thing to do is to ask for a Demo Account in order to get comfortable with the characteristics. It’s surprising to see the number of times clients neglect this basic step, and just go with the sales pitch.
  • Train yourself in the features and best practices: Note and exercise the best practices of marketing automation and use them on your drips. Additionally, talk to your support representative about getting you some training and support material. You can find firms that bill their clients, but some others offer free training and support. Download user guides, watch videos, and analyze the knowledge base.

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  • Connect your advertising channels to each other: Most advertising campaigns flounder because of a dearth of integration between sales and advertising channels. A marketer can raise leads by 44% by creating a greater alliance and coordination between the different marketing and sales channels.
  • Use e-mail as a marketing channel: The old exercise of ‘one message for all’ needs to be discarded now. Instead, use predictive analytics to segment your prospects by their interest and action, and send appropriately content-driven emails to them.
  • Nurture, don’t sell: One doesn’t buy until they can be convinced of merchandise/service value. Hence, nurture your leads by sending useful content that would be relevant to them – guides, case studies, or some helpful tips. Put simply, invest in creating trust and building relationships as opposed to just selling.

Despite all this, if you do not see results, do not lose hope. Marketing is all about consistent and dedicated attempts. Scrutinize why a campaign did not work out and go for a retargeting campaign. Retargeting can be a powerful means to create leads and nurture prospects.

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-Originally taken from LinkedIn: Marketing Automation: Getting it right!

Gayathri Choda

Written by Gayathri Choda

Gayathri has more than a decade of experience in Digital marketing across industries. Her diverse and rich experience has spanned across contents and various segments of data analytics. She is an MBA graduate from Stuart Graduate School of Business, USA with an engineering degree from JNTU. She is a co-author for Curious Digital Marketer 2.0 and also a regular blogger in various industry publications.

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