Increase Your Conversions with Social Link Building

Google’s perpetually updating algorithm rejects black and grey hat techniques (which once were common practice among digital agencies) to generate traffic and enhance the yield of digital marketing. With newer versions of the Google algorithm, 40% of paid ads are not reaching the targeted audience. Is that a flaw in the way digital marketing agencies render their service? Or is it an alarm for these agencies to change their targeting mechanism?

Social Link Building

Statistics and trends indicate that traffic and clicks are metrics of the past. Marketers are increasingly focused on brand building and conversions as large, holistic metrics to prove the effectiveness of any one digital marketing channel. The secret sauce for agencies to prove the effectiveness of a campaign is through the strength of social links, or what we fondly call at Digitant “Social Link Building”.

The most obvious channel to benefit from social link building is SEO. Beyond SEO, social link building further percolates to influencer relationships and targeted brand awareness in a way that benefits both the brand and the audience.

Social link building starts with building a strong referral program.

Creating a social referral program

You can build an online referral program with just some basic knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and quick analysis with the help of tools like Social Bakers.

1. Define the industry and demographics of your target audience.
2. Get hands on with use of social analytic tools to identify recent trends about your target industry and identify people who engage actively in every post.
3. Identify industry influencers, popular groups and forums, and follow them.
4. Raise engagement to the next level by bringing in a personal touch. As Jay Baer says, HELP your audience genuinely. Start a conversation that helps your audience and they will follow you.
5. Evolve the engagement to create interest and buzz about your project or service on these social forums.
6. Build a network of such relationships and, when appropriate, as for referrals.

While social link building might be a time-consuming process, the leads generated by this channel will be of very high quality and hence a much higher conversion rate.

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