How to Produce Great Content That Generates Leads ?

When you create more relevant content, you solidify not only your visibility but also your authority on your niche. That’s what your prospects will see. You know what to write about. You have the topics all planned. It’s time to start getting those prospects and sign ups. But how do you make sure that you’re producing content that can lead to sign ups?

Here’s how:

1. Be Faithful to Your Brand

You want quality visits to your website, not just any traffic. Your site needs great content that’s aligned to your objectives. There are 4 steps you have to think about to align your content with your brand:

  1. Reviewing what you stand for, your mission, vision, and values.
  2. Knowing your audience; who will buy your product.
  3. Getting ideas from similar brands; look at news sources and topics that fit your brand.
  4. Answering questions of your persona, their pain points and common problems.

2. Get Inspired by Popular Content

Take cues from leading brands in the industry. What do they often talk about? Get inspired by top content and how they are written. Content formats can affect popularity. Written content can be made into graphics or videos. You can even repurpose your content and make them the same way popular brands are doing.

Some content format to create yours into can be:

  • Media format: articles, ebooks, podcasts, webinars, slideshows images, and video
  • Article types: how-to guides, lists, giveaways, interviews, and “what is” posts. Where their content is usually discovered? You want would your own content placed on those sites. Get them posted on high ranking and popular social sites like: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter.

You can put this to practice today with the following tools:

  • Ruzzit – this is a free and easy tool for finding most shared content
  • Nuzzel – discover the most-shared news based on people you follow and their network
  • BuzzSumo or EpicBeat – discover best-performing content and influencers based on a topic

Based on trends, you can optimize your topics and content format in a way that’s proven to work with your target audience.

3. Answer Questions

I’m super active on Quora. Why? It’s a good source of writing inspiration. You only write what people ask for.

With Quora, you get:

  • Writing inspiration & exercises
  • To help a crowd hungry for answers
  • To build your audience at the same time!
  • Now, this doesn’t just apply to Quora.
  • The same principle would work for forums, Facebook Groups, and Reddit communities.

4. FAQs from Your Previous Transactions

The key to winning content marketing is pattern recognition. You need to repeat things that tend to work and avoid those that don’t. How do you do it? You first have to identify what works. Don’t make the mistake of not maximizing what’s already effective for you. This is the same if you already have a reputation. Use that to your full advantage. You’ve seen this pattern, in terms of our earlier recommendations. We talked about answering questions and taking cues from trending content. This is all about understanding what’s popular and not ignoring it.

How do you collect FAQs?

Take note from previous transactions and queries that you receive. They can be good sources of content for later use.

  • Marketing Pitches

Whether it’s a phone call or a real elevator pitch, there’s something in common. Having a live conversation opens up opportunities to answer follow up questions. In-person, you can see what words make their eyes light up. Maybe, you talk about a feature then they’ll immediately smile. You have to closely watch these moments, like the way stand-up comedians do. See if people are as excited as you whenever you make a joke or introduce a feature. Interestingly, your audience might be more interested in points that you didn’t originally focus on. Look at their facial expressions. Listen to their follow up questions. Keep tuning your marketing pitch based on the reactions that you are receiving. Reading meeting room and understanding the body language is a sure way of knowing how your audience are taking your message.

  • Sales & Support Queries

What emails do you usually get? Do your customers on Twitter usually complain about a particular thing? Digital conversations like email requests and reviews show you frequent keywords. If your customers often mention particular questions or compliments, take note! Use these points as blog topics or even keywords for your SEO meta tags.

Takeaway: Invest in your lead generation machine.

Below are 3 tips for getting started:

  1. Produce Proven content
  2. Keep Sharing your best content
  3. Add a tailored sign-up form

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