How to Generate B2B Leads that Convert

We’re sure you know by now that about 95% of potential B2B buyers research online before deciding to make a purchase. And obviously, this means that there is a huge opportunity to create good leads online and successfully convert them into sales.

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. Because B2B leads are different from B2C leads, and the process of B2B decision making is more complex and layered than that of B2C. Therefore, the way to generate these leads need to be approached differently too. According to a recent report, most top B2B marketers named getting good quality leads online as their biggest marketing challenge!

So, how does one go about getting high quality B2B leads?

  • Take advantage of data: Contrary to traditional marketing methods, online marketing ismeasurable! And that gives you a great advantage in planning your marketing campaigns. Before making decisions about lead generation campaigns, analyse the available data and what it indicates, in terms of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Identify your buyer persona: Craft clear buyer personas and think from each relevant persona’s point of view.
  • Pinpoint the buyer’s stage in the journey: Identify the stage that the buyer might be in his buyer’s journey and create your marketing strategy according to that. If the buyer is undecided about his problem and the solution required, nudge him towards a solution/decision by offering helpful content at this stage. High quality content is highly recommended at this stage to obtain high quality leads.
  • Nurture your leads patiently: Fact: About 3/4th of leads are not ready to commit to a purchase.Meaning, that this is where lead nurturing comes in – that effective practice that builds relationships with prospective customers by engaging them and nudging them down the sales funnel. Targeted emailing is one of the most effective and economical lead nurturing methods available. In fact,research firm McKinsey states that, after organic search, emails are the next best channel for acquiring great leads. On an average, every $1 spent on lead nurturing emails yields a return of about $44. In other words, lead nurturing with the help of email marketing, works by helping to create trust in sceptical prospects. It gives you the opportunity to personally reach out to your prospects in ways most suitable to them and convince them that you’re dependable.
  • Analyse prospect actions: As you communicate with your lead and develop a trusting relationship through email marketing, pay close attention to the actions and behaviour of the lead and modify your actions accordingly. Use marketing automation software to derive critical data about what emails/CTAs the lead is clicking on or ignoring. With the insights gained by data analysis you will get a better idea of what the lead needs and how to supply it to him.

These are just a few of the ways you can go about generating good, high-quality leads that are likely to convert to paying customers. However, do remember that despite employing all the above techniques, you may not be able to convert every one of your leads. That is okay. Sometimes, the prospect is simply not interested in anything other than the free offer of content. So, let them go. Focus, instead, on those who show a gradual, though cautious, increase in interest in your product/service.

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