How Social Media Marketing Helps Fashion Brands and Accessories to Grow Sales

Brief background about Social Media:

We all know social media just as an interacting platform with friends and family. But, social media is divided as Head and Tail where Head is your personal profile and Tail is business pages. Knowing this fact, Marketers started creating their business pages and promoting their products on social media platforms. Now let’s see how social media is helping fashion brands and accessories related companies to improve their sales.

Realization of new sales channels from Social Media:

Fashion is one such thing that can relate to any age group because fashion is no more an option. At the same time, social media is no more a youngster’s gadget as the technology is getting increasingly user-friendly day by day, so everything is just a click away. Keeping an eye on this, bigger fashion brands have taken social media as their priority to promote their brands as it is proven to be cost effective with higher conversion rates.

In this article, we will discuss how each of the widely used social media channels are driving leads and converting them into sales for Fashion brands:

Instagram as a marketing and sales channel:

There are many social media channels wherein you can promote your brand, but Instagram tops the table as fashion is all about looks and Instagram is all about pictures. Fashion related pictures are the ones which stop you from scrolling through your feed and have a look at the picture. Stats suggest that in 2017 about 68% pictures posted on Instagram are related to fashion.

Facebook as a marketing and sales channel:

We all know that Facebook is the biggest online community channel in the world. It is easy and prompt to spend on Facebook Ads. Stats show that 52% of Facebook Ads are clothing and fashion related stuff and it is stated that big brands like Adidas and Puma are drawing 70% of their online sales from social media which is a huge number. At the same time, Facebook is the most cost-effective platform to promote such fashion brands. The best part about this channel is that you can directly buy a product on Facebook using the shopping cart feature without redirecting to any other website which is an add-on for the marketers who don’t own a website but still can give a look and feel of purchasing on a website.

Pinterest as a marketing and sales channel:

About 72% of followers on Pinterest are women. Like Instagram, Pinterest is also completely based on images and infographics, on an average 7/10 posts in Pinterest are related to fashion and beauty. So, it’s a good social media platform for Accessory / Fashion brands to promote their products and increase their business.

YouTube as a marketing and sales channel:

YouTube plays a key role in increasing the online sales because redirecting to YouTube from any other social media channel is very easy. On an average, a person spends 5-6 hours on YouTube videos per week so there is a good scope to promote your product on YouTube. Did you ever observe an Ad following you on YouTube and tempting you the buy the same product which you wished to buy on a fashion website but somehow did not buy it? It’s nothing but a tricky way to remarket the consumers and get them back on to the fashion website. Analytics saying that one-fourth of online sales are happening through YouTube.

Few Examples (small to big):

Social media platforms not only help established and big brands but also help micro to medium scale fashion and accessory sellers to be in the game with a very low investment. An online Shoppe named Dannijo and upcloseandstylish are making 85% of their revenues using Instagram and Facebook as their key sales channels, and the fun part is they don’t even own a website. And a startup named @get_rocked who sells fashion accessories for women is drawing 95% of their sales from Instagram and they too don’t have their own website. And don’t worry if you really don’t know how to run ads or doesn’t want to spend on ads can still promote your product on social media by sharing your stuff in groups and communities which is more relevant to your product.

WhatsApp as a marketing and sales channel:

WhatsApp is playing a key role in marketing and interacting with a customer promptly. Suppose a customer likes your product from one of your social media channel, He / She can directly interact with you using your WhatsApp details and make a payment using one of the online payment modes like PayTm and other eWallet modes. Along with the order receipts and payment confirmations, brands also have the ability to save the mobile number of all the customers and add them to the broadcast list so that whenever there’s a new product launch it can be shared with them. This whole process helps in generating repeat orders and increases the brand loyalty. The fun part is that this is a simple method of promoting your products even without much marketing knowledge.


Therefore now social media has become the key platform to sell any product very easily and directly to the customer. Social media has created this whole new segment which created a huge impact on the marketing and sales activities of small to mid-range companies because a person even with very minimal knowledge of smartphone can also easily purchase products on the fly using this channel.

There are also many other social media channels such as Roposo, Lookbook, Snap chat etc. who are creating a massive marketing place, particularly for fashion and accessories sellers.

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