How Inbound Marketing Can Boost Revenues for Manufacturing Companies

Inbound or digital marketing is a strategy that pulls customers towards businesses by creating and distributing high-quality content that is relevant to the customers and their issues. This increases traffic to the business website as customers want to know more about the solutions that the business offers; the increased traffic can be successfully converted to sales, generating increased revenue in the long run.

Inbound marketing for manufacturers?

Contrary to popular belief, inbound marketing is not just for customers looking for the latest fashion trends, electronics or software. As more and more people are getting online to search for products and services – from storage tanks to packaging equipment – or look for solutions to their problems, industries such as logistics and manufacturing also stand to benefit hugely from digital marketing tactics.

Inbound marketing works for industries and manufacturing companies because of the following two main reasons:

  • Customers are searching online: A majority of people turn to the Internet when they need information – even information about heavy machines, logistics services, and so on. Research shows that 94% of B2B customers search online for solutions to their business needs. This is a large potential customer base that can go untapped if inbound marketing is ignored; executing digital marketing methodology at this critical juncture, when the potential customer is looking for solutions, can bring rich dividends.
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of an inbound marketing strategy. It helps you to put together great content about your company on the Internet so that when customers search for services that your industry provides, your company’s name shows up in their research.
  • Digital marketing is budget-friendly: Traditional marketing techniques can turn out to be expensive. In fact, about 43% of manufacturing company marketing executives say that they are hindered by their small budgets. While inbound marketing does require considerable investment, including that of time and resources, in the long run, it turns out much more valuable than conventional marketing campaigns because of the returns on the investment.


Essentially, manufacturing and industry sectors can use inbound marketing in combination with their usual marketing policies to obtain maximum results. Business is changing rapidly today and it is in the best interests of these segments to adapt to the transformation in the industry and incorporate modern forms of marketing their wares into their strategy.

We have, among our clients, companies that are into manufacturing and logistics. They have seen success after adopting inbound marketing for attracting customers.

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