How Digital Transformation Has Helped Manufacturers Outperform Their Peers

Those who lag in adopting new ways of life get left behind. This is the way of life and is so in business too. Manufacturers today are starting to understand the importance of digital transformation. Many have hopped onto this train of progress to integrate and transform their business.

Here’s how digital transformation has helped them outperform their peers:

1. Streamlined discovery

So what factors slow down a business in the digital world? For some it’s a bad website, for others it’s their invisibility on search engines like Google, and for other its bad usage of keywords. The good news is that with use of strategies like leveraged keywords, PPC ads and SEO management, we can ensure that manufacturers are found online easily, on any device. It is hard to deny that digital and content marketing strategies are being used increasingly to storm and grab a foothold in markets globally.

2. Increased networking

Digital changes to internal processes allows for better communication, better usage of tools, enabling communication with clients through their B2B journey. It is a proven fact that manufacturers with strong digital intensity have better customer outreach than their peers. Most people use Google to find what they need. This is where your business partners live. As the adage goes, ‘if it’s not on Google, it doesn’t exist‘, is a reality.

3. Increased revenues

Digital transformation is fuel to boost operational prioritization. How does it work? It’s quite simply really. When you get more for less, you have more for investment in your marketing needs and other strategic optimization. When your clients see you reaching-out on social media platforms, through personalized emails, on YouTube and on LinkedIn (among others), they help your manufacturing business outrace your peers by a significant margin.

4. Enhancing brand reputation

Expectations of your clients are changing. What happens when they see an outdated website? What happens when they see a website that isn’t optimized for mobile-viewing? What happens when the website takes too long to load? They move on. The brand gets a thumbs-down. Brands are not just businesses but are living entities which employ people, have their own cultures and interact with buyers. With digitization, manufacturers can humanize their brand.

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5. Real-time progress

Think about it. Your future buyer could be searching for your business website right now. But did they find you online? Digital transformation lets manufacturers connect with purchaser without a time lag. The stage is set for a conversation between the two. Real time engagement puts the emphasis back on the relationship between theclient and the brand. Conversations will prove that the business isn’t focused only on the bottom line but to put across to them you’re your products can actually improve their business.

But having the tools is not enough. These tools will take a ton of time to learn or to get trained in.
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Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword. Digital transformation goes through and beyond all businesses to completely transform their outlook and visibility. Ask yourself: In the fourth age of industrialization, is your business digitally mature enough to hang with the biggies?

Think about it.

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