Google update: Search giant rolls out multifaceted featured snippets and image search

In the past couple of months the search giant has been rolling out many new search features, in which the most recent featured snippets which have been rolled out by Google are:

  1. Google Image Search
  2. Multifaceted Featured Snippet

Google Image Search:

On February 15th, 2018, Google has removed view image button and search by image feature, when viewing an individual image in Google you can see an option of view image button which helps you to open the image in a separate tab with various size options displayed according to your requirement.

Google has also removed search by image option which gives you similar kind of images you are looking for, though the visit button remains same without any change.

The below snapshot is before the rollout where you can see the view image button:

Here is what it looks like after the rollout:If you noticed the above image you can see the changes which have been made by Google, also the images which you will be saving or download will be subjected to copyright. So, be careful!

This update by Google was mainly to reduce the copyright infringement through popular search engines.

Multifaceted Featured Snippet:

On February 28th, 2018, Google has launched another feature snippet called “Multifaceted Featured Snippet” the main purpose of this snippet is to overcome the broad queries searched by the users, this multifaceted snippet will help the user in displaying two answers related to the topic or question.

Each user has their own style of asking questions or typing their queries in search results for those kinds of nuanced queries Google has come up with this actionable search results which will give them the related answers by understanding your query and recognize when there could be multiple interpretations for that query.

Let’s take a look at some of the examples with below queries with keyword variations:

Query 1: Digital Marketing?
Query 2: What is Digital Marketing?
Query 3: How much do you make in Digital Marketing?

The above three queries asked by the individual has the multiple interpretations because the topic is about Digital Marketing, Google understands this as multiple intent queries and displays you with multifaceted featured snippet which provides you answers for each of your questions.

Below is the example is given by Google:

If you have observed there are three queries asked by the user “garden needs full sun?” for this query, Google recognizes that it could be interpreted as “what garden plants need full sun?” or “what counts as full sun?” and offer featured snippets for both the queries, the highlighted topic in this question is (full sun) this is the main reason why Google is rolling out multifaceted snippets.

Google Multifaceted Snippets cover a broader set of nuanced (meaningful or expression) queries which are helpful in showing more comprehensive results that have several potential intentions or purposes.

Multifaceted Snippets will be rolling out first on mobile and will be coming to the desktop over time as per the given update by Google, this process will undergo testing to determine whether the changes have a positive impact on search quality.

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