5 Ways to Hold your Readers’ Attention on your Blog!

So you’re revamping your business blog as part of a spanking new inbound marketing strategy. You want to share all the great insights that you have about your business with other stakeholders and your customers, so that you’re seen as a credible and reliable thought leader in your business domain.

For this, you need to have a really focused and informative business blog that answers your potential customers’ queries and educates them about your business, so that they can approach you with their requirements.

  • How do you make your blog stand out from the millions of others out there in cyberspace?
  • In a world of shrinking attention spans, how do you keep your reader’s attention on the blog long enough for him/her to make a connection?

Here is how you do it:

  • Write for a Purpose: Remember the most important part of writing – the reader! While you may be tempted to write about something that you would like to read, it may not be what your target audience wants to read about. Think like your target readers – your customers – and automatically your writing will become relevant and interesting to them. Your reader will want to stay and read the entire article, if it can:
    1. Solve their nagging issues.
    2. Introduce a product/technique/service that will make life easier for them.
    3. Simplify a complex concept for them.
    4. In any other way, find solutions for your prospective clients using your expertise and knowledge.
  • Make it pop: You may love talking about your business and how it helps people, but if you drone on and on about it, spewing data and statistics, very soon your reader will mentally switch off and bounce away from your blog to somewhere else more interesting.
    1. Keep your content focused on the reader/customer.
    2. Make it interesting by keeping sentences short and inserting plenty of white space in the article.
    3. Describe technical jargon in simple language.
    4. Include anecdotes and real-life examples, if possible.
    5. In short, engage the audience with crisp and clear content.
  • Steer clear of click bait: Publishers use provocative and sensational headlines to grab eyeballs, purely for revenue-generation purposes. You, as a serious content creator, cannot risk your reputation by resorting to such tactics. If a potential customer comes to your blog enticed by a vague but promising headline, and reads on to discover that the rest of the blog doesn’t really live up to the headline, he will feel cheated and angry, and may leave the site, perhaps never to return. Avoid this situation and write sensible content that drives genuine interest.
  • Make your blog mobile friendly: The world over, internet users are increasingly accessing online content on their mobile phones and tablets as compared to on their laptops or desktops. Hence it is highly important that your blog is optimized to fit nicely in your reader’s tiny mobile screen. If she has to pinch and zoom to read the miniscule print of your desktop-based content on her phone, she’ll quickly lose interest and bounce off the blog.
  • Boost the speed: Research has shown that most people wait for about 3 seconds for a web page to load. Any slower, and chances are that they lose patience and leave the site. Therefore, ensure that your website is a quick-loading one by eliminating all the factors that cause it to slow down. Read more about this here.

So there you have it.

Remember to employ these tactics when you are creating content for your business blog and see the hits piling up!

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