30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas

For any marketer worth their salt, lead generation is one of the most important metrics that they use to measure their marketing strategy success rate. Generating leads is marketing’s most important objective – one that keeps the sales funnel full of potential customers.

Yet, despite its importance, sometimes it seems as if no matter what, the lead generation campaigns fail to yield desired results. Let’s take a look at what we can do to create failsafe campaigns that give us sure-fire leads.

Broadly, every lead generation campaign should contain, most of, if not all, the below components:

  1. Offer: The piece of content considered high in value, that is offered as a free download/share in return for a customer’s details.
  2. Call to Action: Text/image/button that links directly to the page from where the offer can be downloaded.
  3. Landing Page: Page dedicated to information about the offer and containing the form for capturing the customer’s data.
  4. Form: The place where customer’s contact information is collected in exchange for the offer.

Our HubSpot researchers have looked wide and deep and come up with 30 nuggets of ideas that incorporate the above components and create campaigns to generate solid leads. We give you a glimpse of these nuggets here:

  • Create irresistible offers by:
    1. Create a feel of scarcity
    2. The Bandwagon Effect
    3. Leveraging current news
  • Use Landing Pages to Convert:
    1. Match the landing page title to CTA
    2. Highlight the benefits of the offer
    3. Less is More
  • Optimize Your Forms
    1. Use optimum form length
    2. Use proof elements to promote trust
    3. Make the form shorter

Due to lack of space we can only share a few of the many tips and tricks that we have up our sleeve.

To access all of them, do download the ebook that has all of the 30 ideas that will spark your lead generation campaign to unmatched success.

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